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Aveyond 3: chapter 3: The Lost Orb (News Update + Screens)


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Ghost Aveyond 3: chapter 3: The Lost Orb (News Update + Screens)

Bài gửi by action_t on 14/1/2010, 2:34 pm

There's a light at the end of the tunnel

We'll be doing alpha testing on The Lost Orb this week, and beta testing will begin next week. If you haven't already noticed it, the status up in the top right corner gives the expected release date - February 15th.

This gives us a little more time to tweak maps, characters and dialogue, and to add in a few more side quests that had previously been shelved for chapter 4. This means a longer game, and more fun stuff being added

I'm loving all the comments people are making, and the speculation on what's going to happen in the game. Some of your guesses are WAY out there and leave me wondering what's going on inside your heads! But some of you are very observant and are guessing pretty close to the mark. Of course I'm not going to say which comments fall into either group

It's great to see everyone's reactions to all the characters - we still have interviews with June and Yvette, Ulf and Stella to come. It'll be very interesting to see who changes their mind about characters and couplings at the end of the game, and who sticks to their guns.

Here are some screenies to enjoy.


Crystal Cavern

Helping out an old 'friend'


You'll get to know Yvette's hometown quite well (note - Mel is not really alone here. I just forgot to make the others in the party active when I was taking the screen shot)

Some time ago, we invited the guilds to come up with quests to include in the Aveyond games. While you're waiting for the next update, see if you can guess which two guilds will see their quests in the coming chapter

Amanda's given me a sneak peek at the overview for chapter 4, titled Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy. It's no secret that we'll be heading back to the Arishta Isles where we'll rejoin Te'ijal and Galahad. This one seems to me a darker game, more serious and intense, as Mel is drawn closer to the prophecy she's desperately trying to escape. I'll leave Amanda to provide whatever details she wants made public, but we'll see some things that we've never encountered before in previous Aveyond games!

In other news, we've seen a very early preview of A Gypsy's Tale - only a few screens - and it's looking wonderful! Looking forward to alpha testing starting on that game too.


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