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Toeic Test Vocabulary: Lesson 1&2


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Ghost Toeic Test Vocabulary: Lesson 1&2

Bài gửi by action_t on 6/10/2010, 10:48 am

Hi everybody ! You may wonder why I am posting many lessons which don't follow any specific textbook. I'm just about to explain that on the lines below. For the international qualifications such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS..... require learners must own the vast of vocabulary ( just kidding), enough to define you used to study the course, teachers have to prepare students for facing with this difficulty . That's why I took 2 lessons for today. I will post what I've studied from school, so don't be surprised, just keep following and enjoying the lessons.

Find the synonym of words given (without using dictionary, check the definition of those words after finish the test)
Lesson 1:
1. v. to appraise, to judge the worth or quality, to assess, to gauge
a/ underline b/ entrance c/ reprove d/ evaluate

2.n. Brain, human faculty which reasons and judges, human consciousness that is separate from the body, memory, recollection, opinion, intention, desire.
a/ hall mark b/ mission c/ underline d/ mind

3.n. bars of gold, bars of silver
a/ collection b/ bullion c/ example d/ personnel

4.n. blunder, fault, error
a/ lifestyle b/ treat c/ mistake d/ draft

5.v. to select, to prefer, to pick, to make a choice
a/ submit b/ fence c/ choose d/ confirm

6.n. manner of acting, conduct
a/ behavio(u)r b/ simulation c/ menu d/ affinity

7.n. purchase, sale, acquisition
a/ leverage b/ loss c/ benchmark d/ procurement

8.v. to publish, to distribute, to circulate, to come forth, to put out, to emit, to result from
a/ entrust b/ prove c/ honor d/ issue

9.n. function, utilization, benefit, advantage, consumption, occasion or nee to use, ability to use, practice of using
a/ collection b/ element c/ treatment d/ use

10. material coherence, firmness, persistence, steadfastness
a/ deregulation b/ consistency c/ fulfillment d/ crux

Lesson 2:
1.adv. miserably
a/ also, too, as well (used after a negative clause: I won't either)
b/ without pleasure or happiness, wretchedly, poorly
c/ accidentally, by chance
d/ in another country, outside, widely

2.n. autograph
a/ piece of soft material which cushions, block of pages stacked together and connected on one side, one's lodging (Slang), sanitary napkin, soft padded sections on the bottom of an animal's paw, sound of footsteps.
b/ company, commercial business, corporation
c/ heap, tall bookshelf, chimney, ( computer) area in memory where information can be stored and then retried in the reverse order, (internet) layers of the open system interconnection used to transfer information.
d/ a person's handwritten signature.

3.v. card
a/ to conceal, to cold up, to keep secret, to place out of sight
b/ to get, to accept, to absord, to take in to host, to accommodate
c/ to ask for an identification (i.e. in a bar)
d/ to think over to ponder, to contemplate, to heat spice for drinking (usually wine or cider)
a/ to remove, to take out, to squeeze, to press, to elicit, to draw out
b/ to make by machine, to produce, to crate, to make, to fabricate, to invent
c/ to provide medical treatment, to mend, to tamper with, to falsify, to alert
d/ to record, to order in advance, to inscribe, to indicate

a/ to gather together, to put together, to collect, to converge, to get together, to arrange, to meet
b/ to comply, to conform, to follow, to agree
c/ to copy, replicate, to photocopy
d/ to work together, to cooperate

6.n. balance
a/ information that is confidential or classified, mystery, unexplained phenomenon, method or procedure that is known only by a select group of people
b/ understanding, wisdom, intelligence (Slang)
c/ provider
d/ leveling, harmony

7.adj. sound
a/ whole, healthy, in good condition, sane, firm, having a solid foundation, secure, valid, reasonable, thorough, moral, trustworthy, having common sense, conservative.
b/ pedantic, cautious concerning minute details, scrupulous
c/ pertaining to the sale of goods to final consumers, of the sale of merchandise to end users
d/ separate

8.n. clock
a/ report of recent event, information about previously unknown facts, people or events that are currently of interest
b/ agreement, settling of dis agreement by making mutual concessions
c/ time piece, device for telling time

9. anniversary
a/ yearly date commemorating a special event, birthday
b/ form, model, image, condition, fitness, mold
c/ greatest quantity or amount possible, highest capacity, most possible, height, peak, limit
d/ a person who provides guidance, professional who gives counsel, consultant, counselor

10. term
a/ bed covering, quilt
b/ word, expression, idiom, semester, specified time period, condition, stipulation (e.g. the terms of an agreement)
c/ person who receives guests, large number, multitude (of people or things), computer which acts as a server for other computers
d/ reporter, person who writes for a newspapers or magazine, correspondent

20 sentences = 100%, try your best to get as high percent as you can. It could be said that I passed the exam with high mark. 80% was what I got. My wrong sentences: lesson 1: 7,9 lesson 2: 2, 7.

Here are answer key written by white pink, hold your mouse and move to see:
Lesson 1: 1d - 2d - 3b - 4c - 5c - 6a - 7d - 8d - 9b - 10b
Lesson 2: 1b - 2d - 3c - 4c - 5c - 6d - 7a - 8c - 9a - 10b

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