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Developing for Toeic Test unit 2


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Ghost Developing for Toeic Test unit 2

Bài gửi by action_t on 6/10/2010, 11:49 am

Unit 2: Auxiliary Verbs

Part 6: Incomplete Texts:

From: Sarah<>
Subject: Supplies


I_______ not had enough time to check the supplies. I am really sorry about this. Can you take
1.a. am b. have c. was d. didn't

a look and let me know what we need to order ? There is a list that you______ use to help you.
2.a. had b. had to c. did d.can

You will find it in the third drawer of my desk. I do not know how long it will take you, but I______ really sorry to ask you to do it by yourself. I owe you a big favor.
3.a. would be b. am c. will be d. had been


For: Micheal
Caller: Elizabeth
Tel no.283-7883

Hi mike,

Elizabeth called at about 10:30 this morning. She has to cancel the appointment you made for this afternoon. There was fire in her office building last night, and they______had to shut the
4.a. had b. has c. have d. having

whole building. There was a lot of damage. She said it______ take about a week to repair
5.a. might b. shall c. did d. won't

everything, but she can meet you tomorrow, if you don't mind meeting here instead of at her office. She______ like you to call her back as soon as possible.
6.a. will b. would c. could d. might


Part 7: Reading comprehension

Crazy Sam's End of the Year Computer Sale !

Is your computer just not good enough any more ? No problem ! Crazy Sam's has just the solution for you ! Stop into on the corner of Fourth and Central and you'll find destop PCs for $599 - $1099 (monitor included). On the go ? Need a laptop ? Laptops range from $799 - $ 1299. And remember, all Crazy Dam's computer come with a full range of office software like word processing programs and spreadsheets to get you started. So what are you waiting for ? Come into Crazy Sam's today and kiss your old computer goodbye !

1. How much does the most expensive desktop computer costs ?
a.$599 b.$799 c.$1099 d.$1299

2. What kind of program is a spreadsheet ?
a. Mathematics program b. Office software c. Game d. Communication program

25% Discount Coupon

The Minton Corporation appreciates your recent purchase of office supplies through our Internet superstore. To show our appreciation, we would like to offer you this coupon for 25% off your next purchase. This covers all office supplies on our website, including paper clips, paper, writing utensils, and staplers. To redeem this offer, simply enter the special code 3JX7781 at the time of your next purchase.
Note: this offer is only valid on purchase of $50 or more.

3. Where can this coupon be used ?
a. In stores b. Online c. At the post office d. By catalog

4. What is the minimum purchase required to redeem the coupon ?
a. $25 b. $50 c. $81 d. $100

5. Which of the following materials is Not mentioned ?
a. Staplers b. Paper Clips c. Computer supplies d. Writing supplies


To: All Leisure Services Local Directors
From: Derek Gray, New Town Leisure Center Director
Re: Tennis Promotion
Date: April 10th

We are trying to increase use of our tennis courts and facilities. At the moment, many of our courts are hardly ever used. If we want to maintain government funding, we need to show that there really is a demand for these facilities. i am planning on displaying the following poster in every local leisure center. before I send it to the printers could you take a look and give me your comments and suggestions ? Do you think anything should be changed or added ?

Many thanks,
Derek Gray


Tennis continues to be one of the most popular sports all over the world. One of the main attractions of this sports is that it can be played by people of all ages, young and old. Although tennis has a reputation for being an expensive sport, it doesn't have to be. A good racket can cost only $40 and a can of balls only $2.00. But where to play ? Sure there are fancy private clubs that cost $100 a month, but why not try one of the many public parks and leisure centers which offer tennis courts free of charge and lessons for a very reasonable price ? Contact your local leisure canter director for information on how you can get involved in this exciting sport !

6. What is the purpose of this memo and sign ?
a. To encourage people to use public tennis courts
b. To show the costs of the local tennis clubs
c. to promote a new tennis club
d. To ask for government funding

7. How is tennis usually categorized ?
a. Complicated
b. Boring
c. Expensive
d. Affordable

8. Who can play this sport ?
a. Young people
b. Middle aged people
c. Old People
d. People of ages

9. Where is it expensive to play tennis ?
a. Parks
b. Private clubs
c. tournaments
d. Schools

10.Who is Derek Gray ?
a. A tennis player
b. A tennis club center owner
c. The manager of sports center
d. A film director

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