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Developing for Toeic Test unit 3


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Ghost Developing for Toeic Test unit 3

Bài gửi by action_t on 18/10/2010, 10:37 am

Unit 3: Subject - Verb Agreement

Part 5: Incomplete Sentences
1. ______ cats as faithful as dogs ?
a. Be b. Is c. Am d. Are

2. Mathematics______the study of numbers, quantities, or shapes.
a. be b. is c. are d. was

3. Each book______ unique illustrations.
a. have b. has c. having d. haves

4. The people_____ lining up to get on the train.
a. is b. gets c. are d. is being

5. The captain, together with his crew, members,______ struggling to control ship.
a. was b. were c. has d. become

6. Each of our products______ guaranteed for sixty days.
a. will b. to be c. is d. are

7. A number of researchers______ expected to attend the conference.
a. be b. is c. are d. become

8. Two thirds of the land_______ already been sold.
a. is b. are c. has d. have

9. Not only the teacher but the students______ opposed to the new uniforms
a. is b. are c. will d. is being

10. Three hours_______ too short a time for us to talk about this matter.
a. is b. are c. takes d. take

11. Could you______ me a big favor ?
a. offer b. make c. work d. do

12. He must have missed the train; otherwise, he______ arrived by now.
a. has b. have c. had d. would have

13. There were plenty of people who______ black.
a. was wear b. was wearing c. wearing d. were wearing

14. He is earning ten dollars an hours, which______ not a small amount of money.
a. be b. to be c. is d. are

15. His daughter is married______ a doctor.
a. with b. by c. for d. to

Answer: 1.d 2.b 3.b 4.c 5.a 6.c 7.c 8.c 9.b 10.a 11.d 12.d 13.d 14.c 15.d

Part 6: Incomplete Texts:
Mr.Evans from Pies called earlier. He said they_______ made the pumpkin pies you
1.a. has b. have c. is d. are

ordered for the Thanksgiving party. They are ready for you to pick up this afternoon. He said that_____ might be possible to deliver them if you can call him before 3:30.
2.a. he b. they c. it d. we

There______ no delivery charges if you choose that option. Mr. Evans is also going to give you
3.a. are b. is c. were d. have

free paper plates and napkins as a special gift. His number is 883-0238.


To: Dave, Brian, and Gwen
From: Helen
Re: Magazine subscriptions
Date: January 22nd

It's time to renew subscriptions to the company magazine. As you three______ the subscriptions
4.a. is b. are c. had d. was

collectors for your department, I'd like to ask you to start talking to others in your office and______ if you can get any new subscribers. You did a great job last year, and we now have
5.a. sees b. seem c. see d.says

over 300 employees reading the magazine. The Head Office wants to increase this by 10%. There is a $100 bonus for the person who______ the most subscriptions.
6.a. sell b. sells c. did sell d. has to sell

Answer: 1.b 2. c 3.b 4.b 5.c 6b

Part 7: Reading comprehension
Returns Policy

Chafeton Camera Supplies welcomes the return of any of our products within thirty days of puchase. In order to receive a full refund, you must bring your receipt. Returns without a receipt can only be exchanged for store credit.
Important: All returns must be accompanied by the factory packaging and in perfect condition.
Returns will not be accepted for any kind of products that were damaged by the customer.

1. How quickly must customers bring products back to the store ?
a. Within thirty days
b. In perfect condition
c. Without a receipt
d. Thirty days before

2. What kinds of returns are NOT accepted ?
a. Products damaged by the customer.
b. Camera products
c. Items without an accompanying receipt
d. Unused items

To: Low Barlow
From: J. Mascis
Re: Printer Toner Cartridges
Date: December 8

Dear Mr. Barlow,
Although we have never formally met, I have been working in your company for over eight years in the printing department. I would like to call your attention to the fact that there is a new resource for for printer toner cartridges. Currently, we are spending about $15 for black toner cartridges and $25 for color cartridges. This is because we are buying them directly from the manufacturer. However, I have recently found an Internet dealer who can supply us with unlimited black cartridges for only #1.50 each and color cartridges for 2.50 each. If you are interested, perhaps we could talk about this in more detail at your convenience.

J. Mascis
Print Shop Manager

3. What is the relationship between Mr. Barlow and Mr. Mascis ?
a. They are family.
b. They are good friends.
c. They work in different companies.
d. They work in the same company.

4. How much is the company currently spending on color toner cartridges ?
a. $15
b. $1.50
c. $25
d. $2.50

5. Who can supply the company with inexpensive supplies ?
a. The manufacturer
b. An Internet store
c. A friend of Mr. Mascis
d. A local store

Answer: 1.a 2.a 3.d 4.c 5.b

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