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All Clear: Grammar Practice


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Ghost All Clear: Grammar Practice

Bài gửi by action_t on 18/10/2010, 10:43 am

f you don't know how to solve this exercise, please review all clear lesson 1 ! Some Idioms and their use that you must see...

Grammar Practice:

Follow the directions and complete the sentences. (Answer keys are written by white ink)
1.Add an irregular past tense verb
a. When they were younger, they (negative)_______ afford to buy a house.
b. She_______ second thoughts about that job, so she didn't take it.
c. When he got to the job interview, he_______ cold feet and turned around and went right back home.
d. We_______ dying to see that show, but we couldn't get tickets.
e. They_______ just about ready to have dinner when the doorbell rang.

2. Add a gerund

a. Their trip is next week, but now they're having second thoughts about_______
b. He registered for five classes, but now he's having second thoughts about (take)_______ all of them.
c. We were planning to move, but now we're having second thoughts about_______ in the mountains.
d. At first, he had cold feet about (take)_______ the job, but when he heard about high salary, he accepted it.

3. Add an infinitive (to+ verb) and complete each sentence
a. You can afford_______ that car.
b. I can't afford_______
c. I'm dying_______
d. They were just about ready_______ when the phone rang.

4. Add a preposition
a. I'm kind_______ tired. I think I'll stay at home.
b. The kids are dying_______ thirst. Let's get them some water.
c. We're having second thoughts_______ getting that computer.
d. We got cold feet_______ buying that house because it was so expensive.
e. They called_______ the game because of the bad weather.

Answer 1: a. couldn't b.had c. got d. were e. were
Answer 2: a. leaving b. taking c. living d. taking
Answer 3: a. to buy b. to buy laptop/ pay for this expensive motorbike.... c. to sleep/ marry you d. to sleep/ to eat/ to watch TV.....

Answer 4: a. of b. of c. about d. for d. for e. after f. off

Error correction:

Find the errors and make corrections:

1. We didn't drive to New York because we get cold feet.
2. we had cold feet about drive there.
3. He can afford an expensive present, so he bought her flowers.
4. Can you afford live in San Francisco ?
5. It's raining. I'm having second thoughts about go out tonight.
6. I'm dying for have an ice cream cone.
7. English is a kind hard.
8. We can't go to the party. They called off it.
9. He read the kids a story to calm him down.
10. I'm dying thirst. Do you know where I can buy a bottle of water.

Answer: 1. got cold feet 2. driving 3. couldn't afford 4. afford to live 5. going out tonight 6. dying to have 7. kind of hard 8. called it off 9. calm them down 10. dying of thirst

Choosing the Idiom:

Rick and Janna are getting married today, and Tim and Rick are talking before the ceremony. Fill in the blanks with the best possible expressions from the list. Pay attention to how the expressions from the list. You may need to consider verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, pronouns, etc. After you finish, practice reading the dialogue aloud.

be about to be dying to
calm down (negative) have second thoughts
cold feet kind of

Tim: Still have (1)__________ ?
Rick: No. And I (2)__________ either. I feel great.
T: I can see that. You look really happy. So does Janna.
R: Where is she ? Did you see her ?
T: Oh, yeah. But you can't till (still) the ceremony.
R: That's a crazy superstition. Show me where she is. I (3)___________ see her.
T: Oh, no. Her mother would be really mad. She believes it's bad luck if the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony.
R: Did she really say that ? I can't believe it ! Hey - You have the rings, don't you ?
T: The rings ? Uh - oh ! I think I left them at home. I (4)_________ put them in my pocket when my phone rang...
R: You forgot the rings ?
T: (5)_________ Rick ! I was just kidding ! I have them.
R: This is no time for joking. I'm (6)__________ nervous, you know.
T: Kind of nervous ? Hah ! I've never seen you so nervous. why don't you come over here and sit down ?

1. cold feet
2. don't have second thoughts
3. am dying to
4. was about to
5. calm down
6. kind of

If you have any question about this exercise, please give your comment and I will answer you as soon as possible

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